Fellowship through the breaking of bread

News & Notes

Cantors Needed! - Please consider providing your beautiful voice on one Sunday a month or less by cantoring and leading the hymns.  If you'd like to sing with one of our cantors a few times to get comfortable, please join them at the microphone!  The hymns are very well-known and you are able to practice before the service with the organist. Barb Kroner schedules the cantors so please call her at 414-559-9761.

Vine Service-

Please join us at the Vine Service on Saturdays at 4:30pm. This service has wonderful music provided by Ben Janzow and Barb Kroner.

We meet in the south room. Please enter at the side doors south of the main entrance. It's informal with some small discussion. There are still many elements included from Sunday's service like the Lord's Prayer, Welcome, Communion and scripture reading. If you would like more information, please contact Barb Kroner at 414-559-9761 or just stop in on a Saturday! Please enter at the blue side doors.

Facebook Page:  

As you read in last month's King's News, KOG's facebook page is sharing some exciting news about our upcoming events! You can find us on Facebook by searching King of Glory - Greenfield or clicking HERE. 

Watch for updates on the construction and launch of our community bread oven, 

If you have any pictures to share, please email them to Barb Kroner at starwars2504@att.net or the church office. Please visit our page often and share with your friends and families. 

Altar Flowers 2020

Suspended until further notice.

The Gathering

The Wednesday luncheons known as "The Gathering" the final luncheon before winter break would  be held December 18. 

The luncheons provide homemade soups and sandwiches as well as Christian social time.  Please join us at 11:30 on Wednesdays!  


Thank you to Jim Baum who donated over 30 blankets in memory of his mother, Delores Erickson. The blankets have been distributed to help the homeless and others. Due to the early cold weather this year, this donation greatly helped address this early need.

2019 Income Tax Information

Because of the recent change to federal income tax laws, it is most likely that many who itemized deductions in the past will no longer do so. If you are still one of those who will be itemizing, please contact Jo Staley at staleyjo@hotmail.com or 414-426-6326 to request a copy of their 2019 financial statement showing the amount of their donations to King of Glory.

Volunteers Needed

We are in need of volunteers to help out in our Sunday services. In need are Greeters, Ushers, Lector’s and Communion Assistants. If anyone is interested in helping out once or twice a month, please contact Silvija Treuden at 414-507-5936.

WELCA meeting:   We will resume once we get through the current pandemic.

Offering envelopes

A supply of old offering envelopes has been discovered. They will be located on the shelf in the Narthex for anyone to pick up. Please remember, if you are putting cash in the envelopes, please put your name on the outside so that credit can be given for your donation.