Fellowship through the breaking of bread

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Check out this great video showing our volunteers making some loafs of bread with our community bread oven you all helped to make a reality.

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Lets Make Bread together


The Special congregational meeting that recently took place solidified us, together, with a vast majority vote, to proceed forward with the new Out Door Bread Oven mission.  A new Mission Statement and Mission Vision statement were also supported.

Mission Statement: “Knowing Christ through the breaking of the bread.”

Vision Statement: “Knowing what to rise above.”

Since that day we have met with the City of Greenfield Planning Commission.  They have voted in support of KOG building the outdoor bread oven.  They only requested on minor tweak, which most will not even notice.  What was really cool was that the meeting ended up being on TV. So anyone watching the meeting now knows what we are doing.

George Meyer lives in a condominium subdivision and his community is having 27 trees taken down. George passed the information on to Chuck and Jim Calabria.  Jim and Chuck are daily picking up the usable cut up trees for a wood source for the oven.

Fred Unrein has already found us an appropriate mixer machine, and in the price line that we were expecting. 

Just in general discussion with a variety of people, it is amazing the wide range of ways the output of the bread oven could be used for and the positive impact it should have for KOG, the community, other organizations, and others in need. 

The goal is to have a functioning bread oven by June 1. If sooner, great!  However, June 1 is a very optimistic goal.  This gives KOG all winter to plan, get mini groups together to cover different aspects that need to be started. 

Now, all can start asking what role/activity/action they would prefer to be a part of.  If we take an all hands on deck mentality we will be successful in our goal. There is virtually no age restriction on who can be a part of our Mission and the avenue we have decided to take to fulfill that Mission.

The Mission, and respective associated activities, we have selected provides tremendous social opportunities. Socializing is something KOG has always been extremely good at.

An added positive to KOG taking a proactive step towards this mission, is that we will be a very good candidate for a re-development grant through Synod.  The grant funds will provide us with additional time to build KOG back up some, through the growth of our Outdoor Bread Oven MissionThe smell of fresh bread baking is just around the corner.  The opportunity for KOG to reach outside its doors and have a very direct and positive impact in a vast amount of directions and for many in need is our future and Mission. It is exciting to think of cutting the bread together for others. 

This is very exciting for all of US.


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A special thank you to those King of Glory members and non members for their generous donations to the Bread Oven Ministry.

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