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Coronavirus Update

Notice from Chuck, Board President

 To our KOG Family, Members & Visitors:

To follow the guidelines of the CDC, the Federal Government and our local government all events, services, classes and group meeting are suspended and cancelled until further notice.  We do not know when an exact date will be for groups greater than 5 to gather at King of Glory.  Additionally, there will be no groups meeting. Once groups larger than 10 are allowed, the facility will remain closed until the entire facility has been disinfected.

All groups have members who are in upper age range.  Actions MUST be taken that protect all people who may possibly enter KOG facility.  We can not take the risk of "what if"?  It only takes one contaminated person coming in, meeting with others, that may cause a continuation of this horrible virus.

An email to all group leaders was sent out informing them, and to forward to all members of their groups, regarding KOG facility to be closed to all groups no matter the number until further notice.

Pastor Tim will be providing a service blog through Utube weekly. 

That blog can be found through this website, the KOG facebook page, and Pastor Tim's personal facebook page.

Pastor Tim reminds us that "the Church" is not the building. Even though we will not be meeting at the church, he encourages us, as always, to continue our worship and praise in our lives. As stated by one pastor, "The church is not empty...we're just all spread out in our homes around the community. Be the Church, worship God, and love your neighbor wherever you are." 

Please be safe, healthy and remember to trust in the faith we all have.  We will come through this, but only if we work together, support each other and pray for our community.


Chuck Smalle


Bread Oven Completed

New Bread Oven Video Now available...

Couple weeks ago Chuck and his volunteers made a short video so you can see the amazing bread oven working and baking some amazing loafs of bread to be shared with the community.

To view the video click HERE.


After countless hours of planning, scheduling, fundraising, digging and building we are happy to say the Bread Oven is open for fellowship with us and our family.   This was a huge project for King Of Glory, with idea to use the Bread Oven to build fellowship and community.  In our first months of operation, not only did we make around 350  loaves of bread for various church functions, but  we've also enjoyed pizza and cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven.  

Interested in learning more about our bread oven?  Watch this website and follow us on Facebook (King of Glory - Greenfield) to learn about future activities and functions where we hope to involve interested community members.  This includes not only enjoying the finished product,  but also the option to share in this unique, one-of-a-kind experience of making and baking the bread.  These are fun social gatherings that we hope to share with our neighbors! 

Check out the photo gallery showing the process of the project. And make sure to read through the long list of those that supported our project with their generous donations.


2019 Event Recap


Special Thank You

A quick THANK YOU to all who helped in the planning of our 2019 Fall Events.  Without your continued support, these event wouldn't be as successful as they have been.  And the KOG Council and Support Staff would like you to know all your work is greatly appreciated.

Comedy Club Night @KOG

Lots of laughs, awesome food, incredible fresh baked bread.  What more could you want.  If you missed it...check out the pictures from the event.  You sure don't want to miss it the next time.  

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